Here’s Why [Freshman Year Style]

It’s official; I’ve finished my first year of college.

As the year finished, I realized there have been a lot of wonderful things happen to me this semester. I want to share [briefly] 4 highlights of my freshman year [in no particular order]:

1) HABC/HASM: Deciding to attend a church regularly while at college [HABC], and get involved with ministry there, in my case, the youth group [HASM] has been one of the best choices I’ve made since coming to college. I’ve been very blessed by the people there, challenged by the Sunday morning sermons, and forced to know my stuff because of the students in the youth group. All in all, a grand adventure.

2) Mayfield: It’s the dorm I live in. Maybe it’s cliché, but this has become my new home. I’m definitely a Mayfield girl. The community found here is encouraging and inviting. My hall has been such a blessing in my life, and some of the girls I’ve met have challenged me in so many wonderful ways. It’s been swell.

3) My brain’s bigger: Not necessarily from classes…While here at JBU, I’ve not only been challenged and taught by professors, but also [and probably more influentially] by my peers. I love to think, debate, and playing Devil’s advocate is possibly my favorite thing ever. The people I’ve conversed with during my time here have challenged my beliefs [in a good way] and allowed me to grow and think more critically.

4) Ultimate Frisbee: I’m a fan. Big time. I’ve played before, at camp, and on a local team back home, but I’ve never experienced a team and environment like the one I encountered here at JBU. These teams, both the men and women’s, have been a joy to be around. They’re great at teaching and helping out rookies [new players], but they’re also competitive, and challenge you to work hard. This will definitely be in my future years of school.

What were some of your college highlights?

My hall freshman year


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