This summer has been one of, if not the best of, my life. Being a camp counselor at Deer Creek has been an amazing experience. I’ve discovered so many things about myself, how to deal with other people, how to guide, and I’ve discovered just how much God cares for me. Something that the camp staff is constantly reminded of is to remain flexible. Flexibility at a camp is of the upmost importance because things happen that require change. Sometimes the change is as little as, “lunch is going to be 5 minutes later because the food is not ready.” And sometimes the change is larger than that. Regardless of the size of change, flexibility is required. This summer, through a serious of events, I was asked to be very flexible and step out of my role as counselor and into the role of women’s COR Team director.

Earlier in the summer I was asked to fill this position for a week while the director, Rachel, had a week off for a family vacation. The men’s director was still going to be there, so I would have someone to give me guidance. The week went really well, I greatly enjoyed the challenge it presented and how it grew me. After Rachel returned to camp, I returned to a cabin.

A week went by and I was in a cabin again, this cabin was amazing. I had a camper who was legally blind, and has about 10 degrees of her vision. The way she describes her vision is, “you know how Swiss cheese has holes? Yea, that’s my vision.” This young woman taught me a lot, she taught me not to become comfortable with the things I do every day, like waling to and from the bathhouse. She also taught me to trust people, especially when it’s not easy to see where you’re going [both physically and spiritually.] Overall, it was an amazing week, one that I learned a lot from.

After this week, I was asked to be COR Team director, not because Rachel was stepping down, quite the opposite actually! She was being amazing and super flexible by stepping into the women’s director for all of camp. So, now I am COR Team director, and I love it. Something God has taught me through this is to be 1) flexible, and 2) trusting in Him.

Going into this summer I knew that I would have to rely on God like never before. There is no way that I still have energy after 10 weeks of camp of my own self, rather it is only because of God’s continued grace, love, and promise that He will renew my strength.

God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good. The truth of this statement is mind blowing. He is good. All the time. Wow. While sometimes life is hard, and situations aren’t what we would wish, God is still good, and His loving forgiveness is always there waiting for us. And even when we think we can’t do it, He is always there, and He sends people into our lives to help us out.

So, while this summer has been different than I thought it was going to be, it’s not my plans, it’s His. I don’t have to worry about tomorrow because tomorrow takes care of itself [Matt. 6:34]. All I have to do is be a willing vessel for whatever God has for me each day. It’s all Him and no me, that’s the way I want it, and the way it should be.

Flexibility in life, and flexibility in our Christian walk is essential. If we think life should go our way, all the time, we are in for a rude awakening.  It’s not our time; it’s God’s time. Be flexible, because more than likely your plans and God’s plans don’t line up, if they align at all.

Do you ever find it difficult to be flexible? Have you ever been thrust into a position you didn’t think you were qualified to do, but did it anyways? 


Here’s Why [Counselor Favorites]

There are so many things I love about being a counselor during the summertime. Here are 6:

1) Being called “co.” Not only is it an awesome name, but it means there’s someone I can lean on and ask questions to. This job would be so difficult without a co, and I am grateful to have one and to be one.

2) Campers. They’re the reason I’m here [literally] but they’re more than that. They keep me going. Finding out about their lives, and getting to share my own, wow. THAT’S the paycheck. Nothing can surpass the greatness of how amazing these campers are.

3) Wearing a backpack all the time. I love backpacks. I love all the nooks and crannies they have and I love putting useful things in them. To me backpacks should be a requirement for all counselors, just because they are so useful. Oh, and they’re awesome.

4) Tan lines. If you’ve ever worked at a summer camp, then you probably know what I’m talking about. Every counselor, whether they fully admit to it or not, is trying to get the best tan line possible…The two most popular tan line’s are 1) the watch tan, and 2) the Chaco tan. Sometimes we don’t wear sunscreen just so we can get sunburn  and get a better tan in the long run. It’s silly, I know, but being able to say “I have the best watch tan line,” or “I have the best Chaco tan line,” yea, it’s a good feeling.

5) Quiet Times. As a counselor you are responsible for making sure your campers are on time, especially when they wake up. In order to have a quiet time, you have to wake up earlier. I love learning discipline through this. While I might be a morning person, and seldom wake up later than 6:00 am, occasionally [especially at camp] I am super tired and all I want to do is sleep longer, but when I wake up and spend time with my Savior, I get the energy I really need. The energy from Him. Also, I gain so much out of these times. I need to be fuelled up daily in order to pour into these campers lives. It’s a beautiful thing and experience.

6) Watching how God works in the campers lives. This is my FAVORITE part! When I have the privilege to witness something the Lord’s doing in some of the campers lives, my heart sings. Camp truly is a place these kids can grow, and realize that their whole lives, when surrendered to God, are pretty much amazing. God moves everywhere, He is always working and teaching, but [and this is because I’ve been involved with camps for over 9 years] I tend to see it happen mostly at camp.


What’s your favorite part about being a counselor during the summer? What about summer in general?

DCC Summary {Part 1}

Girls Camp

Camp is flying by! Already we are getting ready to welcome AC3 campers. Two whole weeks have past! Craziness.

My first week, with my first cabin [Kennedy’s Korner] was simply amazing. My co and I, Becca, were supposed to have 4 campers, but we ended up only having 2. These two campers were best friends, and had been coming to camp for a long time. Needless to say, they were not difficult campers. Because our cabin was so small, and our girls were the oldest AC cabin [one week cabin] we teamed up with Trinity’s Treehouse, the oldest SBTW cabin [two week cabin]. Our cabin had an amazing opportunity to go on Trip [a 3 day campout], something AC cabins do not usually have the privilege of doing. It was a lot of fun. Our girls had a blast.

Week two was a lot different. My co, Alicia, was amazing, and we had 7, very energetic girls, ranging in age 12-14. They were a lot of fun, full of a ton of energy, but we had 2 girls, sisters, who were very quiet. One of them ended up opening up and started talking a bit, but her older sister didn’t open up at all. I had her in my Bible study, and my hope was to get something out of her, but really she never opened up. However, on Thursday, the second to last day, we discovered that we both had a love for YouTube videos. She and I were able to talk about our favorites and quote videos back and forth to each other. While we weren’t talking about anything deep, we were talking about something.

I couldn’t have made it through the past couple of weeks without Christ’s strength, and His amazing energy filling me up every morning. I love waking up early and diving into Scripture; if I don’t do that then I can’t be filled up, and if I’m not filled up then I am unable to be poured out into my campers lives every day.

God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.

Stay tuned for more Summer updates. My hope is to write every week, but I make no promises.

Enjoy a few pictures from DCC 2011:

Different Bear Tribes
Out of state college students
Tarzan Traverse

Listening but not Really

Have you ever heard the same thing over, and over, and over again? Have you ever just stopped listening after the second time? Yea, me neither.

Sometimes we can hear a message and become numb to it, missing the message/truth that there is to offer. However, there’s just something about learning the same idea/concept over and over again. Okay, actually it’s kind of annoying, but then again…it really IS great…

Let me explain:

I’ve been hearing the same 12 principles of Deer Creek Camp for about 5 years now. I’ve heard “I’m third,” “Attitude is contagious,” “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future,” “4:29,” the DCC definition of sin [self indulgent nature], and so many more, that I sometimes forget to listen when they are being talked about. However, as a counselor, I feel a responsibility to pay attention to the jumpstart talks [where we talk about these principles] because the campers can/are going to ask questions about them later. I have been challenging myself to, even though I’ve heard the talks a lot, to pay close attention, because you can never learn something of great value too much.

This idea can be applied to the Bible. We can never read a passage of Scripture too much. We can never have something memorized, and then call it good. That’s just not how this lifestyle works. We need to continue to strive after Christ and His Word, what He has to teach you and show you through the story He’s put before us.

When you think about hearing the same idea/principle/talk over, and over again, listen. Don’t stop hearing what’s being said, because who knows, maybe God wants to reveal something to you that He never has before. Maybe, just maybe, He has something to really drive home into your heart that you’ve never heard before because you’ve been tuning out the message with an “I’ve already heard this before.”

You can never hear something “too much.” Especially when it comes to Biblical principles/lessons, and especially when it comes to Scripture.

When have you caught yourself tuning things out because you’ve “heard it before?” Was there ever a time you listened to something you’ve heard a lot and God revealed something new and fresh to your heart?