Young Living Essential Oils


This weekend I had the privilege of attending the Spring Planting Festival in Mansfield, MO as a vendor with Young Living essential oils. I went with 3 other team members, and it was a grand time. It was fabulous getting to share with so many people about how Young Living (YL) products have changed my life!

I’ve been using YL essential oils since October 2014, and have had some amazing things happen. I’ve gotten my pain completely under control completely naturally. I’ve been able to get my anxiety and depression under control without taking prescription meds. And seasonal allergies are a thing of the past (not literally, but with the oils I don’t have ANY of the awful side affects my over the counter meds were causing!)

When I say, “I’ve gotten my pain completely under control” I mean it. My last semester of college it took me nearly 30 minutes to sit up in bed—and even longer before I could get up and walk around. I started putting YL PanAway and Valor essential oils on my lower back each morning and night, and after a few days my pain was significantly less. After 2 weeks, I really didn’t have any pain at all! Now, after using the oils consistently, I am able to go about 5 days without putting those oils on my back before I feel any slight discomfort. Now I have a natural way to help manage my pain, rather than taking multiple pain pills throughout the day!

I used to have anxiety attacks multiple times per week. Stress and fear ruled my life, and without my medication I was hardly able to face the day. When I started putting a drop of YL Valor essential oil on my hands and breathing it in for two minutes each day, or whenever I would start to feel anxious, I could physically feel myself calming down. There was one time that I could feel myself about to have a panic attack and I grabbed my Valor and just smelled the bottle—within 30 seconds my breathing had slowed down, and my heart rate had returned to normal.

Depression has been a long struggle through my life. During high school I fought depression daily…and it almost won (read my testimony here). Introducing YL Joy essential oil into my life was what helped me to stop having super dark days. I put a drop of Joy in my right palm and then put my hand over my heart for the length of a song—usually about 3 minutes. Then I rub a drop on my wrists so that I smell it throughout the day. Depression is something that never truly goes away (at least not for me) but with my essential oils I have been able to stop taking my prescription meds and fight through the fog myself!

I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to every single pollen that exists on this planet. I used to take over the counter allergy medicine religiously—without it I couldn’t breathe, see, or concentrate because I was so congested, had such watery/itchy eyes, and awful headaches that turned into migraines. Now I have found a natural way to combat seasonal allergies! I put 2 drops YL Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint essential oils into a capsule and take that in the morning. I also put a drop of Lavender on my sinuses. Now I don’t feel nauseous from my medicine, get brain fog, or feel exhausted.

There have been so many other ways that I have used Young Living essential oils in my life, but those are four of the most impactful ways for my day to day life. When I say that Young Living essential oils have changed my life, I mean it!

You might be wondering why I chose to use Young Living essential oils over another company. Good question.

For me, Young Living is a company that stands by their Seed to Seal promise—so much so that throughout the 20 years the company has been around they have taken multiple million dollar hits because either the final crop was not up to their standards or a crop got destroyed (Kristen writes a great post explaining this here). They don’t settle. Period. Also, they are one of the only companies I have been able to find that owns all of their own farms/crops, does all of their own distillation process, and does all of their own bottling. They don’t use any herbicides or pesticides on their crops, but rather use essential oils to manage them. Also, in the world of essential oils there is only 1% that are truly 100% pure therapeutic oils—and Young Living falls within that 1%.

I will openly admit that I have looked into only a few other companies that claim to be 100% pure therapeutic oils. And while I would agree that there are other quality products and companies out there, I have personally chosen to use Young Living. I’ve found a product that works for me, and I don’t want to stop using a natural method that works when the other alternatives are synthetic products that make me feel poorly.

If you are interested in learning more about Young Living essential oils please feel free to comment, or email me and we can chat.



**Disclaimer—this is my personal story of how Young Living essential oils have affected my life. The FDA has evaluated none of my claims, I am not trying to diagnose, prevent, cure, or treat any illness. You are welcome to disagree with me; I am simply sharing a product that has helped me personally as I live my life more and more naturally. Also, I am an independent distributor (#2127326)