Made Anew

Well life’s an adventure.
And if we knew all the answers…
My, what a boring picture!

Nothing’s more fun than not knowing
Just imagine a life without surprises.
No adventure, spontaneity, or last minute deciding.

We would all be bored.
Possibly out of our minds.

One comes to steal. To kill. To destroy.
While Another comes to give a life that’s abundant.
Not a life of condemnation
But one for us to enjoy

It’s funny, the things we desire
…the things we think we need.
What our flesh wishes to acquire
But this only out of greed

There is a distinction
Between that of flesh and heart.
He promises to reveal this
But oddly at the mention, we dart.

Why you wonder?
He dwells within
We fear to ponder
How Himself, in us, is hidden

Seek Him above all else
For He is the supplier of wisdom.
He promises to provide our desires
Though first we should find Him.

How might we find Him you ask?
It’s beautifully simple…
Just ask!

He is listening,
In tune with your heart.
He will respond to your sighing
Grabbing hold of you, right from the start.

“Do not be afraid,” He whispers,
“I love and cherish you.”
Hold tight to these truths for He says,
“You’re my child, redeemed and made anew.”


Confusion Sets In

She doesn’t know what she wants
The confusion sets in
The options, they flaunt
Unsure where to begin.
Thirteen weeks or just six
Possibly even ten
The options abound just for kicks
Can’t You just tell her when?

If You know everything
Why not just decree?
If You know the plan
Why must she do the choosing?
Is it really that key?
With this pressure she doesn’t think she can.
Quite sure she’ll be failing
If You don’t say which it should be.
Yet You choose instead to remain her guardian.

She will keep on,
Pondering this decision,
Maybe with time she will feel less abandon.
See the feelings have changed position
New joys have come anon,
No longer the same passion.
No more camp horizon.
So, randomly out of a hat will be the condition
In order to identify which one.


Their words, they pierce, they hurt, bruise, break and shatter
All of the things I long to do, everything has now been battered
Why is it that I do indeed,
Let these words I hear be my feed?
I can’t help it, these things that I hear
I believe, they consume, and it causes me great fear
For they are the ones, those you don’t wish to know
The ones they all say, ones formed by hatred and callousness
Never again! I will not believe
These words! No admiration only ridicule and shame
I am not their victim anymore, will not believe what they say
Again and again, Lord change their way!
I am growing weary, how much longer must I pray?
Every time, He listens deeply
I believe He whispers tenderly.
Even though my ears are not attuned
I feel His peace wash through me
“Yes, my dear one, here is your strength. Fear not for I am in this place. I am standing here now, beside you, comforting. Easing you of these lies you’ve believed, deliverer of them all.”
These are the words He says; even though I hear them not, I know they rein true.
No more bondage, no more wondering “what will become of me?”
The deliverer is here, He has directed and shone
Knowledge is here, no longer am I alone.

Invisible beauty

Heart begins to quicken, did that really just happen?
Reading it again, yes, he did just say that.
But why now?
Why, when for so long she has felt so hidden,
does he say she’s beautiful?
Does he mean it?
Can he?
There for a fortnight, in the former part of the weeks, he illustrates nothing,
yet in the second approaches.
Can this be something significant?
She was finally accepting that she was invisible, a small mist in the steady breeze,
someone never to be noticed,
never to be loved.
Is she invisible or beautiful or can she be both?
Uncertain of which, she leaves.