I’m going on an adventure!!!!



In 2 weeks I am leaving for Iceland. I will be there for a week, and honestly I do not have much planned. One of my friends and I are going to rent a car and drive around the island in exploration of amazing sights and adventures. Stoked is one of the better words to describe my feels about this trip.

Something else that is exciting about this adventure is the timing of it. Usually during this time of August I would be heading back to college for the fall semester. However, I graduated and this trip is a wonderful reminder that I am choosing the path for the remainder of my life. While I am venturing down my chosen career path, with a company I am beyond excited to work for, this trip is refreshing to my soul because it reminds me that I still have choices.

Through all four years of university I was told what to read, what to study, and how I should be living my life. Of course I had my own personal spin on things, but overall there was a level of “it must be done this way or else you will receive a poor grade” which sucked. Now that I have graduated, and have started pursuing my future career path, I have been enjoying my evenings. I have read many books that I actually wanted to read. I have chosen my work schedule, who I wanted to hang out with, and now I am choosing to go on an adventure during the same time I would normally be feeling forced into going back to school.

Basically I am pumped about the opportunities growing up is already presenting. I hear multiple times a weekend, on the canopy tours, that I should revel in my job now—while I am young, because once I get into my career and start a family it all goes away, or at least put on the back burner. When I hear people tell me this, I smile politely but I also recognize that adventures and fun only have to go onto a backburner if I let it. While growing older presents some added challenges, there are still adventures to go on and ways to have a blast. And a family? Well, let’s just take one adventure at a time—how’s that sound? ;)

I guess what I am trying to convey through this post is my excitement for the upcoming changes in my life. While I am pursuing a career, I am encouraged by my ability to also journey through life and travel around to new places and see different cultures. There was a point this summer that I was terrified I would never be able to travel and explore, meeting different people and learning from them, but then I realized that I don’t have to be controlled and told what to do because I am my own person. I can make choices for the way my life is lived and often they are good ones. As long as I am diligent in communicating with people, and keep my priorities straight, making choices for my life should never be a bad thing.

So, my advice to you is to adventure on dear ones! Enjoy life, breathe and smile.


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