My Daddy

Daddy and I


I found myself in a bit of a pickle last night. Seems I had told my dad a bit of wrong information—information that almost made me participate in a HUGE mistake.

I will not go into detail about what that mistake was because honestly it is just really embarrassing for both myself as well as the person I would have had to call when I realized what had gone terribly wrong in my planning.

When I realized how misguided my information had been I thought I was going to be sick to my stomach. In fact, my stomach immediately began to be nauseated and become filled with unease and anxiety.

And what did I do about this mistake? I tried to fix it myself.

However, as I began to try and sort everything out it became more and more obvious that things were not going to be as easy as I thought they would. I also came to the terrible realization that I was going to have to call my dad and tell him what had happened.

And I fought that reality like a ninja.

I did not want to call my dad and confess my mistake. I did not want him to be upset or annoyed that I had relayed false information to him and that the planning he had so willingly taken on for me was all done in vain. All I wanted to do was hide.

However, I finally called my dad and explained my situation. And what was his reaction? He responded by calmly reassuring my heart that everything was going to be okay and that he would take care of everything.

I was not anticipating this, which is irrational because my relationship with my dad is freaking awesome! And I mean that when I say it. I can ask my dad anything and he will tell me the hard honest truth, and I can tell him anything and he has never once judged me.

So why did I become so anxious about telling him I had messed up?

Because I forgot how much he loves me, no matter how mistaken I can be at times.

This was a beautiful reminder to my heart of God’s love for me. I mess up all the time, and I make a lot of mistakes. However, He is always there waiting for me to call on Him and tell him what happened. He willingly takes time to plan things out for my life and when/if I screw them up He is willing to fix those mistakes!

My earthly daddy showed me just how much he loves and cherishes me last night, which was a direct representation of how much my heavenly Daddy loves and cherishes me.

Have you ever made a huge mistake and did not want to fess up to it?



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