Camp. My favorite place in the entire world.

Camp. A place that I see God at work in young people’s lives.

Camp. Where I am pushed to my breaking point, and forced to depend on the Lord for my strength and energy,

Camp. The place to be.

If I had it my way, everyone and their dog would work at a summer camp at least once in their lives. Seriously, it’s a place that grows you in ways most other places cannot. Summer camp is where you can discover yourself, be yourself, and because of this God uses you to advance His kingdom.

I’ve often wondered if I am getting into a rut by working at camp during the summer, but then I realized that it would be a terrible thing if I didn’t work at a camp. It doesn’t matter what type of camp, how long I am there, whether I am on staff or a camper, camp is where my deepest passion lies. I have seen it change people, challenge people, break people, and grow people. Camp is ultimately where I feel the most me.

I want to work in camp ministry for a long time, and quite honestly I think I will be doing just that. My motives for desiring this job is not [just] to be the biggest kid at camp, but rather to challenge young people to be men and women who make an impact on the world today. Now is the time for them to take responsibility for their relationship with the Lord, and I want to help equip them with passion to do just that. I want to challenge every person who walks across my path to seek the Lord first, and obey His calling no matter the cost.

You see, there’s a lot of fear associated with abandoning yourself and seeking the Lord completely. This statement and truth is seldom taught because it might “scare” people away from Christianity. But you see, I think this is a loss to us all. If I am not told the entire truth of the situation at the beginning, then once I invest my heart and time into it and find out that something was left out then I am really upset. So, why do we not tell everyone about the sacrifices involved with following the Lord from the get-go? Why do we not teach that pain and suffering is a prerequisite for becoming a Christ follower? You see, being a Christian is NOT a cakewalk. The bible promises that there will be suffering [Matthew 5:10-12, Philippians 1:29] when you follow the Lord. I am competitive, so when someone tells me that the Lord is asking me to surrender EVERYTHING so that I can have Him completely I reply with “challenge accepted.” Does that mean that I have a perfect relationship and never mess up? Hell no. But what it does mean is that I am consumed with a desire to know the Lord more, to know Him completely, and to seek Him above my own desires all the while realizing that I cannot do it on my own because I need His help.

Here at Deer Creek we end every prayer with the phrase “all that I am, all that I have, and all that I dream to be I offer unto thee.” I love this, a lot. It is a phrase that captures my heart and inspires me to give it all up for the glory of the highest King. He alone is worthy of all of my heart and all of my passions. If I have nothing left in this world, I can rest in the promise that I have the love of God pouring over my life un-relentlessly. And so both at camp and anywhere else the Lord takes me in my life I plan to challenge people to seek after the Lord. I plan to restore their very lives to that of joy found in Christ, because He alone is the only thing worth pursuing in this adventure we like to call life.



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