I??!? Ate a STRAWBERRY??!

Well guys…I finally did it.


I know, it’s ridiculous that I haven’t ever had one before, but honestly they scare[d] me…BUT, I did it!

And honestly? It wasn’t bad. It actually TASTED really good…but the seeds kind of grossed me out. And I know that I don’t have to love them just because I tried them, but I am glad to say that I would [and probably will] eat one again. Thanks friends for all of your encouragement for me on this adventure.

After finally surrendering something that I haven’t done because of stubbornness I seriously feel like a physical weight has been lifted from my back! It’s really refreshing.

And y’all, can I just say this stressed me out! To try something that is a legitimate fear…wow. But it was so very worth it.

I know that the Lord has great things planned for me, and He wanted to know if I would be obedient to surrender everything…and in order for me to do that I had to lay down my stubbornness. No, I am NOT saying I am not longer stubborn, because I will be stubborn until the day I die, but what I AM saying is that the Lord is growing me.

He is asking me to do hard things and that looks different for everyone! For me, it was not being a picky eater anymore. I can almost guarantee there is something in your life that you’re holding on to and not surrendering to the Lord. He says pick up your cross, and that means lay down ALL of you—all of your hopes, dreams, thoughts, life plans, habits, desires, etc.

Are you willing to pursue Him with reckless abandonment? What’s holding you back? What do you need to surrender?

PS, here’s the link for the video…sorry it’s so dramatic!


3 thoughts on “I??!? Ate a STRAWBERRY??!

  1. I love it! Fear truly does stop us from pursuing Him with all we have. Thanks for posting this!


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