Fake v. Sincere.

Have you ever met someone who was really fake? I mean, someone who talked a really good talk, and claimed to live by certain standards, but really didn’t? I once knew someone who claimed that I should read my bible every single day and not flirt with every guy who I came in contact with. Both of these two ideas, I completely agree with. However, what was ridiculous was that upon getting to know this individual, they never actually read their bible, they only read a text they got with a verse a day…also, they were quite possibly the biggest flirt I’ve ever met. I laugh at it now, but at the time I was really confused. It didn’t make any sense, because this person would get on to people who did not live by these standards, claiming, “that’s really not what Christ would want you to be doing. You shouldn’t be talking to that guy because it seems like you’re flirting with him.” [Seriously y’all, they said things like that!] But then they would go and talk to the firs guy they saw! When I confronted this person about their two faced-ness, they said that I shouldn’t judge them, because judging is a sin. They said I need to stop looking at the speck in their eye, and get the log out of my own. Man, I wish I would have been as sure of myself as I am now, back then. I can’t help but laugh at these types of people. Now, this was an extreme example, but you get the point don’t you? When you say something, but act a completely different way, you’re fake. You’re a hypocrite, and honestly, people probably won’t like you, and if they do they’re probably only tolerating you.

But have you ever met someone that was just really sincere. They were open about their faults, aware that they didn’t have all of the answers. They guided you to the truths they’ve discovered, and could point out where they see these ideas/truths in scripture. Yea, these people are a breath of fresh air. Sincere people are the ones you want to take out to lunch, and get to know better.

It’s not always easy to be sincere. Honestly, I think it’s quite difficult. I say this because it takes a lot of humility and vulnerability, two characteristics that most have a hard time coming to grips with. Vulnerability especially, it’s really difficult to let yourself be an open target, because when you get hit, it hurts. However, the most vulnerable people, the ones who openly admit to their failings, and seek forgiveness when they are wrong, are the most sincere people we will ever meet.

So who do you want to be? Or rather, who are you? Don’t get me wrong, I am not undermining that living a sincere life is easy, because it’s not. And yes, we will mess up and not be honest to everyone about every aspect of our lives. But, what we can do is try. When we recognize that we are claiming to live one way, but others point out that’s jut not the case, we aught to be humble and accept their criticism. Strive to live a sincere life, because it’s that life style that we have a great example of. Christ did not live a two-faced life. No, he was sincere and practiced what he taught. If you don’t believe me, read the gospels. Seriously, go look at his life and learn how to live sincerely by what you see there.

Are you putting up a facade, or are you practicing a sincere lifestyle?



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