Compassion and Freedom


Following are my notes from Christine Caine’s message at Passion 2012, the title of her message was “Compassion and Freedom.” Enjoy!


“Surely God wants to use rescued people to rescue people.” <— My favorite quote from her message.

Compassion is never compassion until you go. You might have a heartache for hurting people. But that’s not compassion unless you help them. It’s not compassion until you’re willing to be interrupted.

The Good Samaritan Parable is a great example of this. The men who passed the Samaritan by on the side of the road were good people, they were important people in the church even, and passing the man they might have felt bad for his condition, but were not willing to stop by and help him. However, the Samaritan, the least likely person, sees the wounded man and actually helps him. That’s compassion.

Many people in this world are stripped of their humanity because people believe if they take away their name replacing it with a number, and stick them in a big group of people, they are no longer humans. You can’t identify what’s been deemed a possession, just ‘one more out there.’ We are not just a number, we are human beings created by God with a purpose from Him! There is a force much higher than ‘the facts.’ We aren’t the workmanship of a rape, an out of wedlock pregnancy, etc. We were formed in our mothers womb, wherever that was, by our Father and He made us fearfully and wonderfully! [Psalm 139:14] It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through, Christ is able to rescue you.

Freedom is the point of Christianity, not grace, not love, not hope, but freedom. Christ came to set us free from out bondage to sin. He came to glorify His Father by living a perfect life and dying a death He didn’t deserve, defeating death so that we might have freedom through His life, death, and resurrection.

We don’t need to fear what He defeated. Death is the ultimate statistic, one out of one dies! It is for freedom Christ set us free. Light works most effectively in one place, darkness.

Let your life be interrupted continuously in order for Christ to step in and shine your light amongst the darkness. Go into the world and set people free!


More notes to come tomorrow.



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