OH! And one more thing…

Since it’s a new year, I have decided that resolutions are seldom kept. Actually, I always try and start things every year, but they never end up getting kept. I usually forget about them, lose the list I made, and feel like a failure a few months into the year. So, this year, quite a few of the blogs I follow started up I plan on living by one word this year. This is a change for most, and honestly I’ve been thinking about doing this since I first read about it from Alece at Grit and Glory around 7 months ago. I have been prayerfully considering what word I would choose for the past few months, and really I can’t help but laugh when I think of what it is. It’s so perfect, yet so terrifying, I can’t help but know it’s the right one.

You see, I have known deep down in my Spirit that this year is going to be one of change. It’s going to be a year where I really have to trust the Lord and lean on Him for understanding. There have been a lot of opportunities for me the last few weeks, opportunities that you will soon be finding out about. So, for my one word to live by, grow from, and be challenged with, I have chosen surrender.

I will write about this every few months or so, to keep myself accountable, but also to let you know what the Lord is doing with this word in my life.

Why did I choose this word you might wonder? Well, aside from what I said earlier, the Lord has been calling me to surrender for a long, long time. You see I am the type of person that likes control. I like to know what’s going on. I like to have a plan. And well, life doesn’t really have a map I can follow along, so that I don’t get lost. There are a lot of situations that I can’t handle. There are tons of bumps in the road, trials to face, and occasionally you get completely lost along the way. But something I’ve been learning is that’s okay. I have the One who knows all, and He is always here. He is guiding me, holding my hand, and teaching me along this adventure. While I really enjoy having hold of the reigns, I’ve been discovering it’s a lot more fun to surrender them and just enjoy the ride. You see, He’s already made this journey. He’s entirely prepared for every turn, and bump in the road. He knows my path perfectly. And so, when I surrender and let Him lead me, I am able to make new discoveries. He points out life’s beauties, and guides me to His love every moment. While there are still times of doubt, and I get scared and take the reigns back, He never leaves. And when things get especially ugly, He always steps back in [once I ask Him to] and gets us back on track.

This year is going to be an adventure. And it’s going to be an adventure of surrendering.

Will you join me in this adventure? What will your OneWord365 be?



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