And Here We Go Again.

So, for the record, I have failed at blogging in the last month. A lot of you have noticed, because I’ve received a number of emails asking about me…Well, thank you for your concerns. And yes, I am still alive! :)

The past month [or really the last 30ish days seeing as it’s a new year…] has been crazy. I had finals for school, flew home for Christmas break, helped get our house ready to sell, had Christmas, flew back up to NWA to go to the Passion Conference with my church, and only just arrived back home yesterday. I had 3 posts that I meant to upload, one right before I left, which I actually did schedule to be posted only silly me I changed the year, but not the date, so it was scheduled for 12.31.2012… Haha, oh well. Then I had 2 more posts to upload, but I didn’t bring my laptop on the road with me and so yea…things have been crazy and I’ve been extra forgetful this year.

However, I do plan on blogging quite a bit over the next few weeks. Because I had a momentary lapse in my sanity, I will post the one I meant to Monday, so be looking for that. Also, since I went to Passion, I plan on posting my notes/thoughts about the messages I heard the days following that.

So get excited for this year. There’s a lot going to be happening, and I can’t wait for the adventure to reveal itself!

What are you most excited for this year?



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