When I first started blogging, I began discovering other blogs. Blogs that were well known, and really cool. Ones where lots of people would comment on the posts, and tweet about them or share them on Facebook. I wanted to be like them, I wanted to be sought out and have a lot of people follow me and comment on my blog. One thing I always notice about these blogs, are that they have themes, and certain days they blog about certain topics. Lately though, I’ve realized that I’m becoming a bit prideful in this journey. So I’ve decided I’m going to stop the whole “I’m going to be cool like a big kid blog and have topics that I write about, and themes throughout the whole week” thing. There are a couple of reasons for this, one being that it’s becoming a pride thing, me thinking that my blog is something more than just me, a broken person, blogging about the journey I’m taking to discover the One who made me while adventuring through life. Also, I don’t like feeling obligated to write about something when I don’t necessarily want to. I really like spontaneity, and would like to have a lot of that on the blog.

I greatly enjoy blogging; it’s being something that’s really helped me out since coming to college. I’ve been able to think through things, and share them in a public format that y’all can comment on and help me to think through.

The Lord has been revealing to my heart that I don’t have to have an audience to please Him. My faith is not [and should not] be based off of how many people listen or see what’s going on. There’s an audience of One. And He’s the most important one in this life. I want nothing other than to portray via this blog the adventure God takes me on through life. I want others to discover, through my struggles and victories, the love our Father has for us.

I do not want to be thought of as someone who is great or has a nice blog. Rather, I want to be known as someone who chooses joy, and pursues her Father above all else. Because after all, He is our source of life, and the only one who can provide joy in this life.

So, there you have it. A broken person on a journey to discover the One who made her. I know I have a purpose in this life, and I am going to share my discoveries on this blog. I know I have a lot to learn, both with my pride in blogging, but more importantly throughout my life.

So, join me in an adventure to discover the One who is more than enough. The source of our joy; our King, Redeemer, Creator and Father.


2 thoughts on “Update.

  1. Just remember,He is the author and finisher of our faith. He does not need your help. He has set us free to be who he made us to be. Don’t let youself be trapped by what or who others or even youself thinks you should be. Be free and enjoy the life He has given you.


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