Women and theology. Do looks matter? Reason for the season. Make an impact. Proverbs 31 doesn’t have it all.

This post made me literally give a fist thrust in the air, and loudly proclaim, “AMEN!” [and no, I am not joking.] Jessica Thompson talks about the importance of women knowing theology and the Word of God well. She speaks about women not shying away from this knowledge and truth, because we are important, and this isn’t a man’s world…We need to be knowledgeable as women about what the Bible says. Check it out here.

Jeremy Pierre talks about whether looks matter or not in a relationship. I really appreciated his insight and different perception. Check it out!

Sammy [I’ve mentioned him before] talks about how our hearts are so unfocussed, and numb to the reality of what the season we are in [Christmas…or rather, Advent] is all about. He reminds us to not live for ourselves, but rather to focus on the real reason to celebrate. Jesus Christ. One thing he said really saddened my heart: “I was gonna end this post by challenging us to redeem Christmas but then I realized how sad that is. Redeeming a season that celebrates the very essence of our redemption? :( ” It’s true. We shouldn’t have to redeem this season, that should be our natural response…but sadly it is not. Read the whole thing here.

Grit and Glory is one of my favorite blogs to visit, and re visit. Alece writes about her heart, and she both challenges me and reminds me of my purpose here on earth. This post was no exception. This post promotes us being ourselves, and pursuing the ministry God has called us to and making an impact in peoples lives no matter what, via any form. I love it. You should read it…and then read it again. Focus on what she’s saying, it’s good stuff.

And last but CERTAINLY not least…this post. Oh my, I have never been so happy to find someone who wrote about this. And the best part? This is coming from a guy [Preston Yancey]! So often throughout my life, everytime I hear about becoming a woman of God, I am referred back to the Proverbs 31 gal. Oy. Not going to lie, my biggest thought about this lady is that she must be tired [not saying that we can’t learn things from her!]. And maybe I’m crazy, but I’ve always disliked that people never pointed me to Mary, or to Deborah, Ruth, Lydia, Hannah, Dorcas, or any other women talked about [and not to mention praised] in Scripture. But here…oh my, I found a post that spurred me on to greatness. That reminded my heart that there is not simply one mold for a woman, but rather a Heart to chase after…Christ’s heart. This reminded me that there is adventure to be had, that I am not a bad woman because I don’t just want to be a homemaker [while some women are called to that, and fulfill that ministry wonderfully, I just don’t think that’s me.] You need to read this post. Whether you’re a woman or a man…but I’m going to say it…especially if you’re a woman. You need to know that there is no mold, or right way to be a Godly woman. The only way is to pursue God’s heart. Oh yes. I love that truth.

What have you found that’s been interesting this past week? Share the love :)


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