Woman At The Well

Today’s memoir comes from the Woman at the Well. I could think of no better way to depict her story, her feelings, her thoughts about Jesus and what He was doing, than this video video. Please feel free to read the passage of Scripture this video is based off of, here’s the link [click here]. Listen to the emotion this woman has, the beauty in which she speaks. This is a powerful video, but an even more powerful portion of Scripture. Revel in God’s awesome power and experience just how deep His love for us runs.

Imagine what it would be like if you were this woman: someone shunned by most, hated by more, unclean, dirty, an outcast. Imagine complete and utter abandonment, and even then you havent reached her state of despair. This woman is an adulteress, a harlot, someone who, by the Law’s standard, deserves death. She’s a half breed, a mix between a Jew and a gentile, she does not have a father, because a Jew would never be caught with a Gentile wife, after all, they are the holy people right? Imagine this woman’s pain, her whole life she’s felt abandonment, no one has wanted her, no one has cherished her, or told her that she is valuable. No, everyone she encounters shuns her, and reminds her that she is worthless. Yet Jesus Christ, God, our Lord and Savior, a perfect man, a Jew, addresses her and respects her. He points out everything she’s ever done, and yet He still accepts her! Oh what love, oh what joy! This woman, after years of hatred, finally feels something…something she’s not used to. She feels love.



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