The Forgotten Holiday?!

Happy thanksgiving y’all! Hope today is a day filled with much fun, family, football, and food. However, what I hope the most, is that today is filled with a whole lot of reflection.

I mean, today isn’t called Thanksgiving for nothing! It’s a day to give thanks. To reflect on how much you have to be thankful for. I mean, you woke up this morning, that’s something we look over all the time but honestly, it’s such a gift. So today, I want to challenge y’all to not only enjoy your family, surroundings, football,  and…well…the food [because you know we’re all excited about that] I’d love it if you sit back and think about all of the blessings in your life.






[If you’re having a hard time thinking of some just think about clean drinking water, the food you’re going to consume later, the house/apartment/dorm room you’re sitting in, the computer you’re reading this on, the clothes you’re wearing, the education you received to be reading this blog…the list could go on, and on, and on…]

It’s kind of sad how easily we forget that all of these wonderful things in our lives are such a blessing. I mean, sure, Black Friday deals are great [or so I hear…I’ve never been…] but don’t get so busy that you forget the meaning of this holiday. Try not to forget the little things in your day, the things we forget so often, because after all, those are probably the things in our lives that will matter the most.

Please, enjoy this holiday, but don’t forget it. Don’t forget what it was originally about. Remember to give thanks.

Rather than just sit here, typing this, and expecting you to do this…I want you to know that I am doing it too! Following is a short list of some things I am super thankful for :)

His redeeming blood
My Church family
The Bible
My brain

What about you? What are you thankful for? 



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