Be Yourself.


Yesterday I celebrated 2 decades of life. It was fun. I also got baptized, now that was a neat experience to have on your day of birth. Yesterday was a lot of fun, so now I want to share with you probably the most influential thing I’ve learned my entire life, I’m actually pretty sure my parents prayed this over me while I was in the womb…

Be yourself.

The thing I’ve heard over and over is that I should just “be myself.” It’s something my parents were very adamant about teaching all of us kiddos. They never wanted us to be anyone other than who God created us to be. When they saw that we excelled at something, they encouraged us in that, but if we decided we wanted to stop, they simply made sure we were sure of our decision.

I have been involved in a lot of things. I’ve been a ballerina, a soccer player, a pianist, a volleyball player, a basketball player, a cross country runner, a tennis player, a small group leader, a camp counselor, and so many, many more things. And, through all of these fun adventures, the things I’ve tried out in my short life, my parents have always been right there encouraging me to pursue my dreams.

My parents have been an awesome support in my life. I can’t remember them ever telling me that I couldn’t do something if I put enough time and effort into it. BUT the #1 thing they always told me, is to just be me. They never wanted a Hannah who acted like a Barbara. They never desired a Hannah who spoke like a Cindy. No, they liked a Hannah who thought, acted, spoke, and was Hannah.

You see, so often in this life we feel the pressure of the world to be like someone else. But I think that the world just wants us to all be boring. One size fits all doesn’t work in life! How lame would that be?! No crazy hair people. No outrageous outfit people. No prim and proper people. No crazy in love people. No awkward people [so me!]. and so many more people in this life that we all love and adore.

Never, never, never stop being you. Please! Be who you want to be. Utilize the different talents God has blessed you with. Glorify Him in your uniqueness. If you like art, then by-golly!, please, paint a masterpiece. If you enjoy music, make a sweet action playlist. If you’re a fan of sports, then play them and excel in them!

Discover who you are. What do you like to do. Stop looking at what Joe’s doing, or what Peter says is “cool.” Do what you like. Be who you is.

So, never stop being you. Seek God. Enjoy life. Breathe and smile. After all, life’s an adventure given to us by God, so why not enjoy it [as yourself!]?

Have you ever felt pressured to be someone other than yourself? 



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