What defines you?

I know for a lot of people, their identity, the thing in life that defines them, is the thing they do. Maybe it’s being an artist, maybe it’s being smart and getting good grades, maybe it’s basketball like it was for me during high school. Whatever that thing is it shouldn’t be the definition of who you are.

As Christians our ultimate and true identity should be founded in Christ. We are, quite honestly, nothing without Him. I mean, He is the reason why we are alive today, and the reason why we get to live for eternity with Him…So, yea. He’s a pretty big deal. So shouldn’t our lives reflect that? Shouldn’t He be at the foremost of our minds all the time? Shouldn’t we bless Him when we succeed in this life because after all, He was the one who enabled us to do whatever we did…right?

But how many of us forget this? How many of us allow things in this world to define who we are as individuals? Now, I’m not necessarily saying that being involved with something, and being good at it, is a bad thing. However, there is a fine line between letting that be a part of our identity, or letting it be the thing that defines who we are. Don’t miss the distinction! As Christians, we are more than welcome [and probably encouraged by Scripture if you really think about it] to be in the world, making Disciples of others, and becoming all things to all people in order to win them…but the whole time that we’re in the world we are warned not to be defined by it. Not to give in to the temptations it presents constantly. Scripture actually talks about how the world hates us because we are Christians… We can be an all star basketball player, but if that defines who you are as a human, rather than our relationship with God, then we’ve messed up.

God blesses us with the talents we have. When we are exercising these talents, and these abilities, using them for His glory, and for the advancement of His Kingdom, then we are allowing our lives to be defined by Him, and not our talents. But once that image switches, we’re unbalanced, and our lives become about us. And when that happens, so does failure, and disappointment.


So, what defines you? Where do your priorities lay? Is Christ first, or does He come after­­­­ _________? Think about it…



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