Here’s Why [Learning Style]

You can learn a lot from books, and school. However, sometimes you learn the most meaningful stuff through life experiences. So, today’s post is about an accumulation of things I’ve been learning lately. These consist of things I’ve personally experienced, things I’ve observed, or things I’ve heard about. I’ll let you decide which one is which…



Your phone dies right when you need it

People are mean

Assignments don’t get turned in

You just need to yell

The Bible is confusing

You just need to take a nap

You can’t find your keys when you need them most

You can’t feel God’s presence…don’t stop trusting He’s there!

You don’t want to read the Bible

Your car breaks down


Almost always…

Life doesn’t go as planned

Speeding doesn’t get you there faster…especially if you get pulled over.

You need to think before you speak

Life has options…don’t close your mind to one idea

People lie at some point to you…that doesn’t mean you lose trust

Being hot is better than being cold

There’s a song that can describe your current stage in life

Someone’s there encouraging you…are you listening?

People are willing to help…will you let them…or even ask…?

Someone will listen


Loving people is hard

Holding stuff inside isn’t healthy

You need to be flexible…life happens, roll with it.

Swing dancing is fun, and greatly worth the late night

There’s someone annoying in your life…love them regardless

People have something to teach you…listen

A bike ride helps clear the head

Things smell better than they taste

Baking is fun

People watching is the best past time activity…especially in an airport


But something I’ve learned, and hold on to with everything I’ve got, is the truth that God is here, He loves me and He’s given me today to glorify Him.

Life is an adventure given by God. Enjoy it.

What have you been learning lately?



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