I’m a Loser…Are You?

How often, as a Christian, do you hear people talking about “getting” and “gaining?” God gave me this, or He gave me that, or I’ve been blessed with ­­­­­­­­_______ [fill in the blank].

So much of our Christian life is focused on what we’ve received. Maybe it’s focused on the freedom we’ve been given, the grace we’ve been extended, the peace, a future secure in Christ, a love that will never fail, etcetera. Of course, these are all great things we’ve received, and worth being excited about. But a huge part of the Christian life is about giving up things. This is the part, in my opinion, most are slow to talk about.

Yet this is the part I think Jesus talked about more. Losing our life, not getting stuff from Him. Being a Christian isn’t simply a check list of things God’s done for us. Being a Christian is about being a loser. If you proclaim to be a follower of Christ, be prepared to call yourself a loser as well…

My friend, the cross means losing. It’s not just, or simply, about a new life found in Christ…No, it’s about losing your life in order to find it.

Everyone has things to lose in order to follow Christ.

The talkative, assertive individual must lose and be quite and listen.

The quiet, shy person must lose and speak up…even when it’s hard.

We lose security because Christ calls us into unfamiliar territory…

We lose our past [complete with sin]. Sometimes this also means our family, our friends, our dreams…

The wife must lose what the world deems to be her “right” when she submits to her husband.

The husband loses himself [his own desires] when he yields to the Lord and leads his family.

The motivated, ambitious person loses when God says, “Not now…wait.”

The thoughtful, careful person loses when God says, “Go! Act now.”

We’re all losers. Every single one of us but Christ was the biggest loser of all. He sacrificed His life for all of us, so that we can be losers too.

Don’t get me wrong…the Cross definitely means victory for us and the defeat of our enemy, but it also means loss, no mater how small it seems, or how insignificant in our own eyes.

God desires us to be losers. So, when He asks the losers to please raise their hand, what will your response be?

I’m a loser. Are you?

What have you had to “lose” in order to gain Christ? What has He asked you to give up, purge out of your life, turn your back on, or correct in order to make you more of a loser?



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