Lately the Lord has been guiding my thoughts and actions to being intentional. This summer I worked at a camp, and if you’ve read any of my posts over the summer, you’re well aware of that very fact. My point is, while working at a camp, and being both a counselor and COR Team director, I had to be very intentional daily. I needed to be intentional [as well as disciplined] to study the Word every morning. If I didn’t, then I would be running on dry all day, and literally be more exhausted than I normally was. Also, I had to be intentional with my campers. I needed to be very aware of the fact that my job as their counselor was to spur them on for Christ and His kingdom. These are only two instances while working at camp about intentionality, but you get the picture.

Well, something I’ve been noticing a lot lately is the lack of intentionality in this generation. Especially those who claim to be Christians. I find it humorous, because so often we sit through church service after service and hear that our goal as Christ followers, and as His Disciples, is to advance the kingdom. It’s the great commission we always hear, “Go and make Disciples of all nations.” This is great! I love these sermons, but my observation is that seldom does the body actually go and do this very thing. The very thing Christ has called us to do, we fail at miserably. We miss so many opportunities the Lord puts into our path daily: we miss the friend sitting alone at lunch, we miss the elderly lady loading her full cart of groceries alone, we overlook the tears barely being held back in someone’s eyes, and mostly we miss the opportunity to pray with someone who just told us about their horrible day. There are so many things, and so many ways that we can be intentional about with people. Yet we tend to overlook them all.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying “you” overlook these things, I am saying “we.” I am so guilty of this fact, it’s sad. I hear the sermon, I know the Scripture, I know what I’m supposed to do; yet I fail to do it. Rather than talking about what God’s been doing/teaching me in my life at lunch, I talk about classes, or homework, or things of that matter. It’s almost as if I forget that I have this amazing God who loves me no matter what I do, and who gave everything He had so that He could have me for eternity. It’s like I somehow have a brain fart and forget His splendor, and decide to talk about how boring my last class was, or how tired I am, or how busy this week is going to be. God isn’t something that I should be able to forget easily, yet I do. It’s almost as if I have this special talent that allows me to forget about Him, rather than tell others what He’s been teaching me. If you think hard enough [or maybe not hard at all] you might discover you have this talent as well…So what are we supposed to do? Join the “Forgetting God Talent Anonymous” [FGTA] Club? Kind of…Let me explain.

If you truly want to be better at being intentional, then you need to admit that you fail miserably at it…”Hello, my name is Hannah, and I fail at talking about how great God is.” Ask God to help you be intentional, both about learning more about Him and speaking about Him to others…”I want to learn how to have courage and the presence of mind to speak about His splendor and sacrifice. And I’m pretty sure He’s the only one who can help me out with that…” Then you need to make up your mind and be stubborn about knowing Him better. Ask Him to help you with this. Heck, He really wants to, so why not let Him? When we humble ourselves and ask God to help us grow, He generally responds with a yes, and puts situations in our lives to help us out with our goal. So, the next time you are having lunch, decide to make your conversation about God and His glory, rather than about your boring day, full of self centeredness.

Do you fail at being intentional with others when it comes to talking about God? How do you think we can be better stewards of the command God’s given us?



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