What I Want vs. What I’ve got

What I want…patience.

What I’ve got…opportunities to be so that I constantly botch.

What I want…control of my life.

What I’ve got… realization that He is in control and His plans are way better than my own.

What I want…to know Him intimately.

What I’ve got…a knowledge of Him that sometimes feels disconnected, whether true of not.

What I want…to give without restraint.

What I’ve got…a heart that likes to be selfish and hold back.

What I want…to love unreservedly.

What I’ve got…a typical response to love only those who are easy to love

What I want…complete surrender.

What I’ve got…fear of giving up control.

What I want…to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

What I’ve got…complete indwelling of Him but not always overflowing.

What I want…vulnerability.

What I’ve got…a guard around my heart that allows few in.

What I want…a life lived serving Him alone.

What I’ve got…a life trying to do that very thing.

An obvious question: What do you want versus what you’ve got? How can you get there?



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