Here’s Why [Books of the Bible Style]

If you don’t know, I love Jesus. And when I say love, I mean love! He is pretty much the best thing in the universe, and He’s definitely better than sliced bread because heck, He created sliced bread! So, if you didn’t know, I really, really, love Jesus and all that He’s taught me these past few years I’ve actually cared to pay attention to what He was trying to teach me all along…

Lately I’ve been diving into the Word more than I used to a couple of years ago. Two years ago, had you asked me how much/often I read my Bible, the answer would have been…well, I’m not actually sure what it would have been…not very often to say the least. However, now [not to sound prideful] I find so much joy in spending every morning with my Savior. So, through these quite moments with my Creator and King, I have discovered a few books of the Bible that I absolutely love. Here they are, and [in a very tiny nutshell] why I love them:

Romans: This is probably my favorite New Testament book. The systematic reasoning is something that I greatly appreciate, and I love the theme of the book, which I believe is found in 1:16,17:

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jews first and also to the Greek. For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith for faith, as it is written, ‘the righteous shall live by faith.’”

While I am a huge fan of this entire book, and receive so much out of it when I pour over it, and think about what Paul is teaching the Roman church through this letter, I am particularly fond of the last 5 chapters of this book. In chapters 12-16 Paul concludes by describing how the Gospel should affect one’s everyday life. I love how he presents this, I don’t want to steal his thunder or the Holy Spirit’s thunder, so go ahead. Go read it for yourself, maybe you’ll discover something new today.

Psalms: I know, I know, it’s a stereotypical statement that girls love the book of Psalms. Maybe it is, but I don’t care. This book, this account of others lives, their struggles, joys, hurt, and grace, well let’s just say God speaks through these people’s lives and I want to do nothing but learn how to respond in the height of affliction like they do. To be so overwhelmed by the glory and wonder of God, mmm, that sounds glorious. I can’t say that I have a favorite psalm, because I don’t. The entire book, every single song/account, speaks to me in ways I can’t quite explain, I love them all. [Side note, some of the books I read really ruffle my feathers, so while I still love them, I don’t exactly like them all the time…]

Esther: Wow. This book is quite possibly my favorite book of all times. The amount of boldness, love, and courage a young woman took in order to save her people…wow. Throughout the book you witness God’s sovereign hand preserving his people, showing them that everything is under His control. This book speaks to my heart like nothing else, maybe it’s because I can relate to the main character [Esther, formerly Hadassah] because she is a young woman, but I think it’s more than that. I believe men can relate to this book as well. I feel like this book covers all areas of life: fear, struggle, discouragement, worry, uncertainty, love, joy, trust, faith, integrity, and so many, many more. If you haven’t read through this book lately, please, do so now. Witness what it means to stand strong while leaning in the arms of God. Discover how to stand up boldly for something that is 100% right, while trusting that your Creator will come through just as He promises to.

What is your favorite book[s] of the Bible? How has God spoken to you through His Word? 



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