Here’s Why [Counselor Favorites]

There are so many things I love about being a counselor during the summertime. Here are 6:

1) Being called “co.” Not only is it an awesome name, but it means there’s someone I can lean on and ask questions to. This job would be so difficult without a co, and I am grateful to have one and to be one.

2) Campers. They’re the reason I’m here [literally] but they’re more than that. They keep me going. Finding out about their lives, and getting to share my own, wow. THAT’S the paycheck. Nothing can surpass the greatness of how amazing these campers are.

3) Wearing a backpack all the time. I love backpacks. I love all the nooks and crannies they have and I love putting useful things in them. To me backpacks should be a requirement for all counselors, just because they are so useful. Oh, and they’re awesome.

4) Tan lines. If you’ve ever worked at a summer camp, then you probably know what I’m talking about. Every counselor, whether they fully admit to it or not, is trying to get the best tan line possible…The two most popular tan line’s are 1) the watch tan, and 2) the Chaco tan. Sometimes we don’t wear sunscreen just so we can get sunburn  and get a better tan in the long run. It’s silly, I know, but being able to say “I have the best watch tan line,” or “I have the best Chaco tan line,” yea, it’s a good feeling.

5) Quiet Times. As a counselor you are responsible for making sure your campers are on time, especially when they wake up. In order to have a quiet time, you have to wake up earlier. I love learning discipline through this. While I might be a morning person, and seldom wake up later than 6:00 am, occasionally [especially at camp] I am super tired and all I want to do is sleep longer, but when I wake up and spend time with my Savior, I get the energy I really need. The energy from Him. Also, I gain so much out of these times. I need to be fuelled up daily in order to pour into these campers lives. It’s a beautiful thing and experience.

6) Watching how God works in the campers lives. This is my FAVORITE part! When I have the privilege to witness something the Lord’s doing in some of the campers lives, my heart sings. Camp truly is a place these kids can grow, and realize that their whole lives, when surrendered to God, are pretty much amazing. God moves everywhere, He is always working and teaching, but [and this is because I’ve been involved with camps for over 9 years] I tend to see it happen mostly at camp.


What’s your favorite part about being a counselor during the summer? What about summer in general?


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