DCC Summary {Part 1}

Girls Camp

Camp is flying by! Already we are getting ready to welcome AC3 campers. Two whole weeks have past! Craziness.

My first week, with my first cabin [Kennedy’s Korner] was simply amazing. My co and I, Becca, were supposed to have 4 campers, but we ended up only having 2. These two campers were best friends, and had been coming to camp for a long time. Needless to say, they were not difficult campers. Because our cabin was so small, and our girls were the oldest AC cabin [one week cabin] we teamed up with Trinity’s Treehouse, the oldest SBTW cabin [two week cabin]. Our cabin had an amazing opportunity to go on Trip [a 3 day campout], something AC cabins do not usually have the privilege of doing. It was a lot of fun. Our girls had a blast.

Week two was a lot different. My co, Alicia, was amazing, and we had 7, very energetic girls, ranging in age 12-14. They were a lot of fun, full of a ton of energy, but we had 2 girls, sisters, who were very quiet. One of them ended up opening up and started talking a bit, but her older sister didn’t open up at all. I had her in my Bible study, and my hope was to get something out of her, but really she never opened up. However, on Thursday, the second to last day, we discovered that we both had a love for YouTube videos. She and I were able to talk about our favorites and quote videos back and forth to each other. While we weren’t talking about anything deep, we were talking about something.

I couldn’t have made it through the past couple of weeks without Christ’s strength, and His amazing energy filling me up every morning. I love waking up early and diving into Scripture; if I don’t do that then I can’t be filled up, and if I’m not filled up then I am unable to be poured out into my campers lives every day.

God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.

Stay tuned for more Summer updates. My hope is to write every week, but I make no promises.

Enjoy a few pictures from DCC 2011:

Different Bear Tribes
Out of state college students
Tarzan Traverse


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