Listening but not Really

Have you ever heard the same thing over, and over, and over again? Have you ever just stopped listening after the second time? Yea, me neither.

Sometimes we can hear a message and become numb to it, missing the message/truth that there is to offer. However, there’s just something about learning the same idea/concept over and over again. Okay, actually it’s kind of annoying, but then again…it really IS great…

Let me explain:

I’ve been hearing the same 12 principles of Deer Creek Camp for about 5 years now. I’ve heard “I’m third,” “Attitude is contagious,” “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future,” “4:29,” the DCC definition of sin [self indulgent nature], and so many more, that I sometimes forget to listen when they are being talked about. However, as a counselor, I feel a responsibility to pay attention to the jumpstart talks [where we talk about these principles] because the campers can/are going to ask questions about them later. I have been challenging myself to, even though I’ve heard the talks a lot, to pay close attention, because you can never learn something of great value too much.

This idea can be applied to the Bible. We can never read a passage of Scripture too much. We can never have something memorized, and then call it good. That’s just not how this lifestyle works. We need to continue to strive after Christ and His Word, what He has to teach you and show you through the story He’s put before us.

When you think about hearing the same idea/principle/talk over, and over again, listen. Don’t stop hearing what’s being said, because who knows, maybe God wants to reveal something to you that He never has before. Maybe, just maybe, He has something to really drive home into your heart that you’ve never heard before because you’ve been tuning out the message with an “I’ve already heard this before.”

You can never hear something “too much.” Especially when it comes to Biblical principles/lessons, and especially when it comes to Scripture.

When have you caught yourself tuning things out because you’ve “heard it before?” Was there ever a time you listened to something you’ve heard a lot and God revealed something new and fresh to your heart?



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