10 Things To Make The Most Impact This Summer

During OT Week [Officer Training] we had a guest speaker come in and talk to us about leaving a legacy. Usually he comes in and talks to us about our love language, but he decided to change it up this year. However, rather than focusing on leaving a legacy for us personally throughout life, he focused on how we should strive to live this summer, in each cabin, in order to leave a legacy for our campers here at camp. So, here is what Steve Levitt has to say:

10 things to make the most impact this summer:

1) Be willing to give a hug or a touch. Be willing to be [appropriately] physical with your campers. The kids need it. They need the security it holds, and the love it involves.

2) Give your campers your time, one-on-one, it is important! They need to know you’re there, all of you, completely.

3) Convince every kid that they are special in someway. I.e. how they walk, talk, encourage, serve, smile, etc. They need to know they are unique.

4) Learn to be an encourager! The person who is an encourager is sunshine to everyone else. People yearn for encouragement. Convince them that they are great. Constant encouragement. Don’t stop.

5) Your kids need leadership. Assertive, where you tale initiative. Where you go out to impact that camper. Ask hard questions, get into their lives. Show them authoritative love.

6) Form a connection. Every camper has a different way this happens. You cant be wild and crazy with everyone. Some need quite, some need touch. Don’t treat everyone the same, study them and then connect with them on their level. Never give up, even if they don’t seem interested. It’s usually the “unlovable” camper who needs the love and friendship the most.

7) Find a good balance between fun and serious. Find where to be fun, but find those times to be serious and then go deep! Learn to be a good question asker. This is great for serious moments. However, after asking, shut up and really listen to what they are saying. Be a good listener as well!

8) Create order in their lives. Discipline is a typical way. You might [will] have to instruct them, and give them rules, and discipline them. Give them order, they might not have any at home. They need it, but don’t be a drill sergeant. Order helps them feel safe.

9) Be an example by example. This is not assertive. The way you walk, lead your life, who you are when no one is looking. Your campers are always watching, you can bet on it. They want to be like you, so teach them to be someone worthy and loving of the Gospel. Inhibit Christ-likeness.

10) Each kid is unique. Train them up in that. Asses what’s unique about them, and then go after it. Ask questions, encourage them, help them, and lead them. Dive into their uniqueness-where they’re from, difficulties they’ve been through, best accomplishment of their life, etc.- find out and magnify that uniqueness.

What do you agree with? Disagree with? How can you strive to make an impact on someone’s life daily?



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