Something I wish I was all the time. Humble.
I have to learn daily what it means to live humbly. It’s something that’s difficult, but worth trying for. Someone who lives humbly, is truly someone to admire.
Humility helps valuing people become a reality. It’s something that allows us to not focus on ourselves, but rather on others.
Humility is not glamorous! It’s not a beautiful life. It’s not a life that you look at and think, “man, I want to live like that!” That’s an attitude that I wish I could have more often. Humility is a lifestyle that demands sacrifice. A person who walks humbly, is truly hard to find, but when you do cherish them and learn from them.
Humility does not mean to think less of yourself, but rather to think of yourself less. When you are humble, you don’t make life about “me” or rather yourself, instead you choose to make life about others.
Live the “I’m third life.” What this means is God first, others second, and yourself third.
Seek God. Live humbly. And love like Christ did.

Have you ever struggled with being humble? If so, when?



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