Here’s Why [Losing Your Mind Style]

It’s the last week of school (not including finals) and sometimes around this time of life, people can do some crazy things. Following is a list of some things that, if you catch yourself doing, you might want to consider if you’re losing your mind…

Or maybe you’re just a goof…

[I may or may not have done all of the following…]

Top 10 ways you know you’re losing your mind:

1) You start talking to yourself- you know, carrying on a conversation, commenting about something, mumbling…it’s normal, right?

2) You start talking to yourself about talking to yourself- You recognize that you’ve begun carrying on conversations with yourself, so you get onto yourself about talking to yourself…it’s a vicious cycle.

3) You start laughing more maniacally for no apparent reason- It appears you’ve come up with a way to rule the world from everyone else’s viewpoint…

4) You carry on conversations with inanimate objects- Your roommate walks into the room only to find you talking to the computer, fridge, or backpack like it’s a real person…

5) You start making really strange noises at people rather than talking to them- Communication via squeaks, snarls, growls, and/or chirping?

6) You start frantically searching for your phone while you’re talking on it- You just cleaned up your room…finally…then you end up tearing it apart, searching for your phone when finally your proclaim “Mom! I can’t find my phone anywhere!” *long pause* “Oh…”

7) You start telling a story but 10 words into it, you forget what you were saying. And then say the first part over again. And again. – “Guys, you’ve got to hear this! Just now, I was walking down the sidewalk and I saw…um, wait for it…you know, I was walking down the sidewalk and I saw this…um, the sidewalk? Oh, never mind. I lost it.”

8 ) You threaten to bite people- Nom nom nom.

9) You run into a room, stop; look around frantically, and then run out- Whether you didn’t find what you were looking for, or you realized you were in the wrong room, the world will never know.

10) You put a lampshade on your head and run around yelling, “the sun is dying!”- With all the rain lately, this is a reasonable exclamation…Sadly though, I’ve never actually done this one.

11) You start doing aerobics while having a conversation with other people.- You’re just working on your multitasking skills…No big thing.

P.S. I’ve heard you might be losing your mind when you forget how to count…

What are some crazy things you’ve caught yourself doing? Have you ever felt like you’re “losing your mind?”


One thought on “Here’s Why [Losing Your Mind Style]

  1. 1, 4, 6, 7, 9. It also took me literally a full minute to come up with “bullet point”. All I had was “that thing… you know, in PowerPoint? That thing?” Yeah, they didn’t know.


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