Silent Saturday

Waiting is difficult.

Waiting in silence is even more difficult.

This day…I can’t stop thinking about it…this Silent Saturday lodged in between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. We know very little about this day in history.

What were the disciples doing? Were they praying? Crying? Hopeful? Worshipful? Angry? I’m unsure of what they were doing, but I know exactly what they heard.


The only thing they could do was wait.

But for what? Not even they were sure.

How long? They were clueless.

I can imagine that questions consumed them and the fear of the unknown was suffocating. It probably felt like they were holding their breath, on the verge of doubting, hoping against hope that Jesus was who He said He was…that the last three years hadn’t been an complete throw away.

But deafening silence was what met their ever waiting…

Sometimes this is exactly what happens during our own waiting.

On this Silent Saturday, I want to jog your memory of what we know is true:

Keep waiting.

Redemption is coming.



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