Made Anew

Well life’s an adventure.
And if we knew all the answers…
My, what a boring picture!

Nothing’s more fun than not knowing
Just imagine a life without surprises.
No adventure, spontaneity, or last minute deciding.

We would all be bored.
Possibly out of our minds.

One comes to steal. To kill. To destroy.
While Another comes to give a life that’s abundant.
Not a life of condemnation
But one for us to enjoy

It’s funny, the things we desire
…the things we think we need.
What our flesh wishes to acquire
But this only out of greed

There is a distinction
Between that of flesh and heart.
He promises to reveal this
But oddly at the mention, we dart.

Why you wonder?
He dwells within
We fear to ponder
How Himself, in us, is hidden

Seek Him above all else
For He is the supplier of wisdom.
He promises to provide our desires
Though first we should find Him.

How might we find Him you ask?
It’s beautifully simple…
Just ask!

He is listening,
In tune with your heart.
He will respond to your sighing
Grabbing hold of you, right from the start.

“Do not be afraid,” He whispers,
“I love and cherish you.”
Hold tight to these truths for He says,
“You’re my child, redeemed and made anew.”



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