Doubts Entertain

A misinterpretation of life.
The others strut around knowingly,
Their path so magically clear.
Hers is stamped down with debris.

What is her story supposed to say, what impact are her words to have?
Once so convinced of how her story would sound
Now her path has been turned astray.
So many ideas, yet all refuse to stay on firm ground.
How can you fixate yourself on something when nothing will seize solid footing?
A dam has broken loose but there are no dam repairmen around.

Hollowness surrounds her, doubts entertain
Falling through life with no purpose
What’s next in this world that’s so vain?

Struggling with herself with her image and thoughts
She has an epiphany…
It’s not her that’s in control, but rather she who was bought;
Purchased by the blood that so lovingly covers the earth.
So she surrenders;
Rebuking the doubts.
His love rushes in, comforting, calming.

Light is distinct, she now knows why she’s living;
Until now she was undeserving, so fallen and dirty.
His love has exposed her filth, yet harmonizing He washes her faultless.
So excited with love for the other they know not what to do
Yet they can’t help these feelings, their love is so true.

Her assurance has set flight, her story in place.
A road marked with love, forgiveness and praise.
Her heart will stay open, seeking out His face,
With Him by her side her story is in place.



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